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Conception of ARTZOND festival

Theme of festival in 2017 is

"Casus Vector"

11 July - 11 August. At the creative cluster 'Artmuse'

Saint-Petersburg, 13 line, building 70, on Vasilievsky Island

Deadline 15 June


A bit of history.

The first festival was implemented in 2004, then called Artcontcept.

The following festivals were held in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010. In 2008 the festival was renamed Artzond.

Festival ARTZOND is a real independent Fest, as for all the time of the event, we could not get any financial supporting from the authorities, although we applied for grants to the Department of Culture in Saint-Petersburg (2008 and 2010). The costs of holding the festival always were minimal, and it was support of some people who are not indifferent to the process of formation of the environment of conceptual art in Russia, and also contributions of participants (authors) of festival. It was very friendly when Christo and Jeanne-Claude replied on the first festival and kindly send their stuff for festival. We gather all creative Authors who brings amazing activity to the world.

And we decided to revive this project, as we believe that the process of formation of conceptual art is still a relevant.

Remains an "open" question - What is actually and what must be a "conceptual", nor only under the terms but in a fact ??

A rhetorical question, and there are many opinions and positions on this matter, known approvals by Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Beuys, the masters in this field. But the world is moving and time did not stop. And we want to show and understand how the process is moving steadily forward, and is it moving at all, and whether updates (upgrades) theory and practice.

These are the aims of the festival.

Categories of Festival

I. "Inst-Perf-Act" (I-P-A) - installation, performance, action, object, happening, dance.
II. "Mega-Sound" - works in any musical genre, DJ productions and voice experiments..
III. "Video-Nonevideo" - photo, cinema, video, movie, multimedia.
IV. "Alpha - Betha" - prose, verses, art-critic (art critical probing), document.
V. "Some-Thing" - this category is for artists who think their work doesn't fit in any of the previous categories.
VI. Concept-Archive - Shows of archive of the festival.
One important aspect of the festival will be "Art Laboratories". Artists who participate will exhibit two types of work:
1. Works the artist created before the festival, and, exhibited at the festival.
2. Works created in a collaborative way during the Art Laboratory

Experts for Festival

Alexander Bashirov - film-actor, film-director, (St.Petersburg)
Leo Königsberg - artist, curator, (Berlin)
Sergey Kovalskiy - artist, curator at the Art Center "Pushkinskaja -10," (St.Petersburg)
Marc Salmon - script-writer, film-director, (Paris)
Ossi Kajas - photographer, gallerist, curator, (Helsinki)

Management of Festival

Director, curator - Andrey Efi
Art Director - Svetlana Nezabudkina
Producer - Elena Shalina
Coordinator - Sajana Kuzhuget


Here is the images of space for Festival ( 250 sq meter)